A Sales Training Plan Customized to Your Company

We have identified key issues that hinder a sales team’s performance and we provide a complete coaching plan to fix them

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Sales Optimization

Sales Optimization

sales-acc1 Sales Management Training

Common Issues

Sales managers usually lack an efficient and effective sales process for coaching their sales people to optimize their performance.

The Venator Approach

We provide management with the tools and processes for driving successful new business development activity.

  • Assigning individual sales territory plans
  • Creating and measuring prospecting activity
  • Building effective compensation models
  • Performing structured pipeline and deal reviews
  • Developing key growth account plans
  • Executing effective team meetings

rocket-icon Setting Goals and Territory Plans

Common Issues

When it comes to territory plans and compensation models most organizations struggle with trial-and-error approaches.

The Venator Approach

We provide management with a structured system for developing compensation models, team revenue goals and sales plans for proactively reaching those targets.

  • Company Sales Quota Development
  • Individual Sales Territory Plans
  • Compensation Models
  • Large Account Targeting
  • Key Growth Account Segmentation

icon-chess Sales Strategy

Common Issues

The greatest challenge with sales training is the gap between learning in the classroom and execution in the field.

The Venator Approach

Our sales training programs are built on a framework for helping sales people think critically, work collaboratively and embrace coaching.

  • Leveraging targeted messaging
  • Exploring the business drivers
  • Navigating decision makers
  • Aligning with the buying process
  • Remediating 11th hour roadblocks
  • Creating a pre-call plan

icon-grear2 CRM Adoption

Common Issues

The challenge for most sales organizations is the inconsistent utilization of the CRM by both the sales team and management.

The Venator Approach

We fully integrate our tools and process into the company’s CRM, making it part of the sales culture.

  • Pipeline stage validation rules
  • Pop-up coaching tips
  • Qualification questions
  • Custom account planning tools
Businesswoman giving presentation in meeting
Sales Classes

Sales Classes

We provide on-site training and virtual classes for corporate sales teams to fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities, get in front of the right stakeholders, and close more business. Additionally we offer our Sales Accelerator program for new sales hires and technical staff that have recently transitioned into a sales role.

icon-pipeline Pipeline Management

  • Using sales pipeline stages to create a win-strategy
  • Leveraging “Ride-alongs” to align with your manager
  • Developing precall sales plans
  • Leveraging guided questions to ask on a sales call

icon-chart Deal Conversion

  • Negotiating for access to key decision makers
  • Navigating politics, influence & power
  • Amplifying the business drivers
  • Aligning with your champion to create a business case
  • Remediating objections & roadblocks

icon-handshake Sales Skills

  • Adapting your selling style for the prospect’s personalities
  • How to get customers to overcome ambivalence
  • Advanced listening and questioning techniques
  • Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs as a sales person
  • Utilizing psychology to progress the sale cycle

icon-grow Pipeline Development

  • Generating Proactive referrals
  • Creating a key-account expansion strategy
  • Developing your cold call strategy and messaging
  • Advance Cold Calling techniques
  • Leveraging Linkedin for account research

sales-acc1 New Hire Training

  • Online Assessment evaluating sales coaching needs
  • A highly interactive one day sales process bootcamp
  • Core 1 Pre-call strategy planning class
  • Core 2 Prospecting and cold calling class
  • A six-month all-access pass to our weekly virtual classes
Woman giving a presentation to her team.
Virtual Training

Virtual Training

icon-sceen The Venator Virtual Club

“Virtual Sales Training done right!”

A highly engaging environment for sales people to refresh as well as learn new sales skills. We offer live weekly instructor-led classes.

Topic categories include:

  • Developing a robust pipeline
  • Improving your deal conversion rates
  • Optimizing your forecasting accuracy
  • Maximizing your sales skills

icon-sceen-gear The Venator Management Virtual Club

We offer monthly sales management training sessions where we facilitate critical topics and provide a forum for sales leadership to learn and exchange ideas.

Topic categories include:

  • Scouting and recruiting the best sales talent
  • Performing an effective ride-along
  • Developing a key account growth strategy
  • Offering feedback to your sales team
  • Optimizing your pipeline accuracy
Businessman using laptop and listening music on headphones
Hiring Process

Hiring Process

Common Issues

The typical sales candidate presents very well during the interview process, but unfortunately over time doesn’t fulfill expectations and begin making excuses for lack of results.

The Venator Approach

Implement an effective hiring process from placing the ad to making an offer and onboarding a new rep.

Deliverables & Tools:

  • Job Profiles & Advertisement Templates
  • Filters for Reviewing Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles
  • Interview Question Sets & Role Play Scenarios
  • Online Sales Assessment Tools

What Makes Venator Different

Unlike many sales training approaches which focus on fixing the sales people, we bring the tools, processes and routines to help drive lasting change to our client’s sales culture.

Our approach to optimizing sales performance is built on six core components:

  • Target Goals
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Management
  • CRM Adoption
  • Hiring and Recruiting
  • Sales Messaging