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Since its inception in 2006, Venator has been a partner with sales leadership teams driving lasting results.

Sales Consulting

About Venator’s Sales Consulting Approach

rocket-icon A Top-Down Sales Approach

At Venator we believe in a top-down approach, where management drives the expectations and accountability for adopting the new approach.

settings-icon Sales Tools, Routines and Processes

Our clients describe our approach to sales as fresh, engaging and practical. We have created sales tools, routines and processes that optimize the way sales leaders manage their teams.

process-icon Empowering sales management

Rather than making management coaching an afterthought, our training approach is weighted towards empowering sales management to drive change.

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Who We Are

  • Established in 2006, Venator Sales Group is composed by a team of sales and sales management experts.
  • We work with clients worldwide, helping them achieve their sales goals and regain control of their company’s growth.

Our Core Value

We practice what we teach

If we don’t do it, we won’t teach it. Our team members take a disciplined approach to adopting and using every tool, technique and process that we instill in our client base.

Meet the Team

  • Jay Spielvogel

    Founder and CEO
  • John Carino

    Director of Business Development
  • Nimesh Gandhi

    Business Development Associate

”Venator has empowered us to scale our sales team”

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Peter Anderson
Welders of Louisville / VP of Sales

“We have transformed our team into a group of hunters”

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J. David Mahoney
Noble Gas Solutions / CEO

“Before working with Venator we struggled with CRM adoption”

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Neal Magaziner
Hughes Enterprises / President

“They built a sales culture and a sales process for us”

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Jens Duerr
CMG Plastics / VP, Business Development

“We tripled our closing rate”

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Yaron Kottler
QualiTest USA / CEO

“A fresh perspective on how to leverage relationships to gain more business”

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Mark Glickman
PIMS / President

“Venator has helped us close accounts much faster”

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Colleen Kohler
Noble Gas Solutions / President

“If you’re struggling to close business, get Venatorized”

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Gerrit Veeder
Director of Marketing / DOOR3

“Venator has helped us create better visibility and accountability”

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Sharon Zampogna
McCourt Label Company / Vice President Sales

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