What You Need to Know About Our Sales Accelerator Program

What You Need to Know About Our Sales Accelerator Program

Structured Sales Training

The Venator Sales Accelerator Program offers structured sales training ideal for new sales hires, technical staff that have recently transitioned into a sales role, and existing sales staff in need of a refresh.

The program is designed to help salespeople overcome challenges, such as a lack of experience using a process-driven tactical sales approach, navigating stakeholders and getting in front of the appropriate decision makers, prospecting and penetrating larger strategic accounts, and moving deals through the pipeline to closure.

This highly structured approach is also meant to optimize the participants’ selling efforts and accelerate their ability to hit quota. Sales reps are taught how to utilize a step-by-step sales process, get in front of the right stakeholders, regain control of the sales cycle, and close more business.


Online Assessment – An evaluation of critical sales competencies and baseline traits for each program participant.

One Day Bootcamp – A highly interactive, in-person instructor led workshop with a deep dive into the Venator Sales Coaching Process including role-plays, exercises, and breakout sessions.

Core 1 Virtual Class –Pre-call planning: How to develop a pre-sales call strategy along with a toolkit of question sets to use at all stages of a sales cycle.

Core 2 Virtual Class - Prospecting: A highly effective and unique approach to cold calling, getting past gatekeepers, and utilizing LinkedIn through role-playing scenarios.

Virtual Club Reinforcement – A six-month program of live, weekly sessions which include the following curriculum:


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  • Using pipeline stages to create a win-strategy
  • Leveraging "Ride-alongs" to align with your manager
  • Developing pre-meeting sales-plans
  • Leveraging a guided questioning strategy


  • "Quid-Pro-Quo" negotiating the sales cyc
  • Navigating politics, influence & power (2 part series)
  • Amplifying the business drivers
  • Aligning with your champion to create a business case
  • Remediating objections & roadblocks


  • Adapting your selling style and different personalities
  • How to get costumers to overcome ambivalence
  • Advance listening and questioning techniques
  • Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs as a sales person
  • Utilizing paradoxical psychology to progress the sale cycle


  • Generating Proactive referrals
  • Creating a key-account expansion strategy
  • Developing your cold call strategy and messaging
  • Advance Cold Calling techniques

What people are saying...

“I had a conference call with the high level prospect you have been helping me with that has been sending mixed signals and by using the questions from the Venator toolkit, not only did they come out and take responsibility for the mixed signals and delays in the process, but we were able to uncover most (if not all) of the upcoming road blocks and get all three projects back on track.”

“Real world sales training! I couldn’t believe how relevant every aspect of Venator’s material was to almost every single opportunity that lives in our opportunity pipeline. Every time we have a session, our entire staff learns something about a deal they are currently working on, or one that they now feel they must re-engage. Truly amazing stuff!”

“Our team has finally learned that when a prospect has a need for our services, we have the ability to control the narrative and restructure the sales process to give us the best chance for alignment. We have never had a problem quoting and winning small deals, but ever since we’ve been working with Venator, our team is regularly selling value and leveraging small opportunities into six-figure sales.”

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