Gain Control of Your Sales Growth

Harness the power of your sales team to close more deals


Why isn’t Your Sales Team Achieving Enough Sales Growth?

  • Lack of alignment with the customer’s issues and concerns
  • Giving up at the first sign of resistance
  • Lack of structure, processes and routines
  • Focusing all efforts on servicing just the existing client base
  • Not reaching the right stakeholders
  • Lack of motivation to prospect for new businesses

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Benefits Of Our Sales Training
And Optimization Approach


Create Predictable Sales Pipeline Growth

Adopt a sales prospecting methodology that empowers your team to build a robust and realistic pipeline.


Implement An Effective Sales Management Process

Utilize a structured set of processes and routines to better manage, mentor and coach your team.


Unify Your Sales Team

Create a unified approach for targeting, forecasting and closing with our proven processes and tools.

Want to implement at your Company?

Sales Training Programs

Sales Training Programs That Drive Results

rocket-icon Sales Optimization

A structured coaching plan to onboard new sales hires and upgrade the skills of the existing sales teams.

team-icon Sales Classes

A comprehensive sales methodology that empowers sales leadership to drive more results.

icon-sceen Virtual Training

Weekly Sales training delivered in a highly engaging virtual environment, where sales people can sharpen their sales skills.

icon-hiring Hiring Process

A step-by-step coaching plan to attract and recruit the best sales talent for the position.

Venator Sales Group
Venator Sales Group
Venator Sales Group
Venator Sales Group

What Makes Venator Different

Unlike many sales training approaches which focus on fixing the sales people, we bring the tools, processes and routines to help drive lasting change to our client’s sales culture.

Our approach to optimizing sales performance is built on six core components:

  • Target Goals
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Management
  • CRM Adoption
  • Recruiting
  • Sales Messaging
What our Clients are Saying

”Venator has empowered us to scale our sales team”

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Peter Anderson
Welders of Louisville / VP of Sales
What our Clients are Saying

“We have transformed our team into a group of hunters”

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J. David Mahoney
Noble Gas Solutions / CEO
What our Clients are Saying

“We tripled our closing rate”

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Yaron Kottler
QualiTest USA / CEO
What our Clients are Saying

“They built a sales culture and a sales process for us”

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Jens Duerr
CMG Plastics / VP, Business Development
What our Clients are Saying

“A fresh perspective on how to leverage relationships to gain more business”

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Mark Glickman
PIMS / President
What our Clients are Saying

“Before working with Venator we struggled with CRM adoption”

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Neal Magaziner
Hughes Enterprises / President
What our Clients are Saying

“Venator has helped us close accounts much faster”

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Colleen Kohler
Noble Gas Solutions / President
What our Clients are Saying

“If you’re struggling to close business, get Venatorized”

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Gerrit Veeder
Director of Marketing / DOOR3
What our Clients are Saying

“Venator has helped us create better visibility and accountability”

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Sharon Zampogna
McCourt Label Company / Vice President Sales

Results You Can Measure


decreased ramp-up time for new hires


Sales and Sales Management Courses


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