Sales Management Coaching

Create a disciplined sales culture with a structure for managing people versus putting out fires.

Sales Recruiting Tools

Leverage our tools for building job profiles, sourcing candidates, filtering & assessing, interview scorecards & clearly defined on-boarding plans.

CRM Integration

You can't coach what you can't see. Retrain, retool, and repurpose your CRM for total visibility.

Virtual Sales Training

Do you have a decentralized sales force? Minimize selling-time disruption, maximize retention and drive results.

Sales Process

Is your team sending proposals to lower level stakeholders? Teach them to develop a sales process where they navigate access to power and regain control.

Regain Control of Your Sales Growth

Regain Control of Your Sales Growth

Optimizing Sales Performance

  • Do you feel like your business is growing organically, but have very little strategic control over that growth?
  • Do you have a sense that something is not working right with your sales team, but all attempts to identify and correct the issue have been unsuccessful?

Venator Sales Group is a sales optimization company that helps our clients build sales culture and a sales management process to drive new business. We help sales management establish accountability, compliance and critical thinking by optimizing sales performance and thus helping them achieve both their new account development and existing account growth goals. At the same time, we help the sales team get more focused and targeted by regaining control of the sales process.

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What Is Your Sales Concern?

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  • Is your revenue overly dependent on an existing account base?

  • Is the majority of your sales team missing their quarterly quotas?

  • Do your sales people lack the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment?

  • Are your sales people too busy to come out of the field for training?

  • Are you beginning to question your investment in the company CRM?

  • Are your new hires taking too long to ramp up?

  • Are quality inbound leads ending up in the graveyard regularly?

  • Is your sales force desperately in need of some turn?

  • Does your sales management layer lack the tools & process to enable scale?

  • Do you need a solution to train a decentralized sales force?


“I was amazed to see that we just about tripled our closing rate from one of about seven or eight opportunities, to one out of two and a half opportunities today.”

Yaron Kottler, CEO of QualiTest Group, USA

“Prior to our partnership with Venator, we had limited control of our reps, our process, and our messaging. We cannot over-emphasize the positive impact Venator Sales Group has had on our business. They helped us gain true visibility by implementing after 2-1/2 years of failed attempts with a different CRM. Our sales team actually uses it and they have become accountable to their sales goals. We now have an accurate pipeline which enables us to forecast.

Working alongside Venator, we have instituted structure and discipline. They taught us to become coaches and not only understand areas of weakness, but to bring out the very best in our sales team. In addition, they have even helped us create very reliable sales profiles, and completely overhauled our sales recruiting structure. Never before have we thought this deeply about the traits and competencies that are critical for sales success at Hughes. Venator’s insight, knowledge, and willingness to completely immerse themselves as part of our sales management team, has made them a trusted and very valued partner.”

Neal Magaziner, President – Hughes Enterprises

“Unlike other sales coaches / consultants who often try to use an artificial, impractical process, Venator focuses on actionable steps and reality checking opportunities so that sales reps spend their time effectively. They provide clients with tools to navigate business opportunities, an understanding of how to manage internal and external expectations, and the most effective cold calling and lead gen approach I've seen to date. The Venator approach is a real game-changer in B2B selling.”

Tyler Carey, Director of Business Development at Westchester Publishing Services

"We have been working with Venator for just about a year now. They helped us tremendously by creating better visibility and accountability throughout the sales organization- for both management and our reps. As a sales manager, what /like most is the Virtual Clubs. These 1 hour and 15 minute sessions are excellent training tools as well as continued reinforcement of the processes we have learned. We are able to communicate with each other after these sessions and have genuine discussions and relate what we just reviewed and tie it to specific examples that we are working on. It forces all of us to take a "time out" and invest that time into improving our sales skills. They gave us the tools to have better communication and regular accountability and coaching meetings with our reps.

Venators sales process and questioning techniques are easy to follow and really helps to "interrogate the reality" of where we are in an account. They have also guided us in customizing our CRM to bake these steps of the sale right into our system. We can easily look in our CRM and see exactly what we have in our pipeline and what the next step is. I highly recommend the Venator Sales Group!"

Sharon Zampogna, Vice President Sales, McCourt Label Company

“Venator has made a tremendous impact on our sales culture by investing in refining our sales process. Now, instead of a hope and pray method to closing business, we now understand and expect a sale to close using the tools and guidance the Venator process provides. If you’re struggling to close business, get Venatorized, you won’t regret it.”

Gerrit Veeder, Director of Marketing at DOOR3