Venator Sales Group: Video Testimonials and Reviews

Venator Sales Group: Video Testimonials and Reviews

Corporate Training Solutions:

Video Testimonials

Noble Gas Solutions - Venator Sales Group Client Testimonial

Noble Gas Solutions specializes in delivering industrial grade and pure grade gases to the industrial, specialty and medical industries. They have been selling gas and welding products for more than 75 years across upstate New York's Tech Valley region, southern Vermont and western Massachusetts.

Sales Strategy

The issue with most sales training is that it presents a checklist of static process steps that requires very little critical thinking on the part of the sales team. The fact that so many deals are falling apart, is less about the execution of sales techniques, and more about using them on the wrong level stakeholders. The Venator process is grounded in the pursuit of political alignment with all stakeholders that play a role in the decision. Our goal is to enable sales people to negotiate access to power, as opposed to relying on internal advocates who overestimate their own influence.

Training Solutions:

  • Utilizing a Formal Sales Process
  • Exploring the Business Drivers
  • Navigating to Power Stakeholders
  • Creating the Pre-sales Project Plan
  • Remediating 11th Hour Roadblocks
  • Leveraging Targeted Messaging

CRM Integration

The biggest problem with sales training is the gap between the classroom and execution in the field. Reinforcement training is not enough; the learned concepts must be embedded in the organization's DNA. At Venator, we accomplish this task by fully integrating everything we teach in the classroom into the company's CRM.

Training Solutions:

  • Pipeline Stage Validation Rules
  • Pop-up Coaching Tips
  • Qualification Questions
  • Packaged Objects

Training Curriculum

When it comes to product training, most companies have an abundance of material. However, when onboarding sales people, there is a lack of professional sales training being offered to ensure rapid success. Alternatively, the existing sales training curriculum lacks the strategic components needed in today's selling environment. At Venator, we have a blended approach with 20+ sales programs delivered both live and online, along with customized core classes that help sales people regain control of the sales cycle.

Training Solutions:

  • Deal Conversion
  • Pipeline Development
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales Skills
  • Management "post-training" Discussion Guides

PIMS Inc. – Venator Sales Group Client Testimonial

For more than 25 years, PIMS New York Inc. has been servicing marketing and communications teams in the cosmetics, health & beauty, and consumer products industries. PIMS works closely with companies to create and distribute their customized marketing collateral. Venator Sales Group has been working with PIMS since early 2015 to help build a sales culture and a sales management process to drive new business.

QualiTest Group – Venator Sales Group Client Testimonial

QualiTest Group is the world’s second largest pure play testing company. They work with mid-sized to large companies that develop software for a living and are large implementers of customized off-the-shelf software packages and need to test the software prior to launch. Since early 2015, Venator has been working with QualiTest to optimize their sales team’s performance across the board.

Hughes Enterprises – Venator Sales Group Client Testimonial

Hughes Enterprises is one of the nation’s leading industrial packaging distributors and consultants. As a leading provider of packaging equipment, supplies, automation solutions, as well as maintenance and repair services for manufacturers and distributors, their primary focus is end of line packaging innovation. Whether there is a need to reduce floor space, cut materials costs or do more with a reduced labor pool, Hughes Enterprises excels in optimizing packaging operations. Venator has been working with Hughes since early 2016 to help build a sales culture and a sales management process to drive new business.

CMG Plastics – Venator Sales Group Client Testimonial

CMG Plastics is a custom injection mold plastic company for consumer products companies who need to package their existing or new product lines. Venator has been working with CMG since mid-2016 to help build a sales culture and a sales management process to drive new business.

Corporate Programs

Do you have a training initiative or a specific sales challenge that you are looking to address by engaging your sales or sales management team with highly interactive workshops?

At Venator, we have a variety of ways in which we deliver our programs. Whether it’s onsite, online or a blended approach, our promise is to introduce the most relevant content with trainers who practice what we teach.

Contact us today to customize a workshop for your needs!