“The Lawyer Effect”

“My boss asked me to join this meeting, but I am not really sure what the purpose is.” Sound familiar? ...
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Don’t Trip on the Way Down

This past week, I was reviewing some opportunities with a sales team that specializes in providing automation equipment solutions.  During ...
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How Self-Limiting Obstructive Beliefs (SLOBs) Sabotage the Sales Cycle

“The economy is hurting us” “Our solutions are too expensive” “We need better marketing, website, social media and brochures” “Our ...
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Great Meetings that Go Nowhere

Do your sales reps ever tell you the following story? They meet with a mid-level manager who is extremely interested ...
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Selling against Economic Headwinds

A colleague recently asked me, "What are the top mistakes salespeople make when the economy begins to slow down?”   I ...
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