Virtual Club

Virtual Club

Looking to give your sales people an opportunity to take advantage of ongoing interactive training without pulling them from the field? What are your options?

  • E-Learning = limited interaction, low retention, poor results
  • Books and CDs = no interaction, minimal retention, zero results
  • Local sales clubs = travel time eats up selling time
  • The Venator Virtual Club!!!

The Venator Virtual Club offers a highly engaging environment for sales people to refine as well as learn new sales skills, from cold calling to negotiating the close. Your team will participate with other sales reps from around the globe in a weekly worldwide broadcast.

Sales managers aren’t left out of the equation. We offer a monthly open discussion webinar, where we facilitate critical topics and provide a forum for sales leadership to learn and exchange ideas. These topics include but are not limited to recruiting, performing ride-alongs, segmenting territories with key accounts, and CRM adoption. Participants learn, practice and apply the new skills, get coaching and reinforcement from the facilitator and share best practices with their peers.

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June 27, 2019
Overcoming Ambivalence
Time: 12:00 pm
More than ever, sales people are faced with risk aversion and status quo issues when selling. In this program we will explore why prospects get stuck and why conventional sales approaches actually compound the issue. Our students will be introduced ...

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