Core Values

For over a decade, Venator Sales Group has relentlessly interrogated sales reality. Whether its related to a selling scenario, an opportunity review or an interview with a potential sales hire, we believe that what we don’t know is what stands in the way of success. We seek to find the truth!

Pursue Alignment:

Compulsive pursuit of alignment with employees, clients, prospects and vendors. Without alignment, it’s impossible to come up with collaborative solutions.

Remain Relevant:

We don’t teach what we don’t do. Our team members take a disciplined approach to implementing and utilizing every tool and process that we instill in our client base. This forces Venator to internalize every aspect of today’s sales environment, and therefore enables us to constantly innovate.

Unwavering Belief:

If we don’t believe we can help, we walk away. Every one of our team members must believe in what we do. They must have a passion for sales and sales management.