Venator Sales Group

About Venator Sales Group

Venator Sales Group is a team of sales and sales management experts. We work with clients worldwide helping them achieve their sales goals by providing the foundation for scaling their sales operations. Ever since its establishment in 2006, Venator has become a partner to many business leaders looking for clarity on how to regain control of their company’s growth.

We utilize an approach that includes the following:
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Management Process
  • Accountability
  • Collaborative Coaching

There has been a major shift across every industry in the way companies evaluate and make purchasing decisions.

They have become much more process driven in order to mitigate risk, so they have implemented several steps to gain an advantage:
  • Committee structures to gain consensus
  • More competition to create leverage
  • Tighter budget oversight
  • Evaluating against using internal resources

At Venator, we address these challenges by focusing on sales process, culture and discipline. Rather than trying to fix individual sales people, we have found that what is critical for success is a deep commitment to change and management’s willingness to shift behavior and mindset.